We view our suppliers as our most important customers as well, and therefore offer them complete solution for all of their (by-) products.

 We stick to the agreements that we make with them on-site and we seek to ensure that our customers /suppliers also focus on building better sustainable tomorrow.

Our employees are most valuable asset. Working in three-shifts in some cases and certainly 52 weeks a year, they share responsibility for ensuring that all our partners and customers are supported. This is why we ensure occupational safety and health protection in workplace.


Our ongoing process optimisation measures enable us to increase product quality and generate ever-greater added value.


Ensuring a healthy environment is very important to us and we therefore strive to conserve and protect the environment. We also pursue and active and open information policy. We recycle sensibly in every step we make.


The AA Mercator Petrochemicals Trading Co. is looking to be leading provider of comprehensive services for the petrochemical industry, offering a competitive range of products and services in the global logistics, trading, petrochemical and energy sectors.


Our company stands for value maximisation, safety and sustainablity along the entire value chain.

Your trustable energy partner!